Why I started Blogging and What’s the reason behind the love of Art?

Hi everyone! Obviously, today’s post is my first entry in this blog journal! I am literally so happy and excited to finally start blogging! Before I had start watching YouTube vlogs, I started to read blogs first. So, definitely this was something that I had loved before everything else – WeHeartIt, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube!

The truth is, I was actually doubtful of taking this step towards blogging. I am not really sure if I can put up something that is interesting or even worth reading! I am not even exactly sure if I could keep this up in a good form. But I believe, if you really love something, and if you really love what you do, there will always be a way! I am actually kind of regretful now that I was not able to do this earlier so I would be able to cover my summer experiences! But then, of course, experiences are not only limited and does not only happen during summer!

So, what had really pushed me here? Lately, I’ve been taking some little steps on a small literature career. No, seriously though, it’s actually just a small hobby that I have been doing lately. Since I was a kid, I have always had the love for papers and pen! I love to draw random things and if I like, I also write poems, quotes and short awkward stories! So I guess, that had been a part of the reason why I am here except from the fact that I was really inspired by the blogging community! I love to share stories and ideas, I love to be heard as I love to listen and read!

More personally, except from writing I also have a very huge interest on arts and crafts. Actually, I will be on my third year in Architecture this upcoming semester! It is still a long way to go! And the ride will sure be so bumpy! That is why, all the arts and the crafts, the DIYs, the pens and papers, the stationery, the art and school supplies means more than just things and collections for me, but they are medicines, treatments and healers, more than just obsessions, fanciness, and most especially, more than just mere things, because I am genuinely one of the people here on earth that has this burning passion inside me to treat these magical matters as a part of me, something that had exist and had been born within my veins and flesh, something that is here to help me keep going in the insanity and chaos of the world.

Wow, those are real words that I had typed in there! Do you feel the same too? Tell me I am not the only one! Share how you feel about your love for anything art and crafty too, and together let us all live in such a happy bubble!





5 thoughts on “Why I started Blogging and What’s the reason behind the love of Art?

    • mmsomerberry says:

      Wow, berry, you just don’t know how this literally made my night and for sure until tomorrow! I’m really doubtful about all these (starting a blog, etc.) and I’m currently just so block out of ideas, but this one just fuels me up to continue more of what I do. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    • mmsomerberry says:

      Thank you! This is really something! To be honest, I am not really familiar about this but I sure have heard or read about it somewhere.. I think I’ll see what the fuss is about!


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