Wrath, What and How?


Wrath, or am I saying this in such a heavy word?

I tried to check out the dictionary before starting to expand my thoughts about our ‘word-of-the-day”, basically, about today’s prompt. Here’s what I got: a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong;wrath; ire. I actually key in the word “anger” for that which I believe is not too far related to angry which is the feeling or showing of anger or strong resentment.

Anger, is both such a grave and causing word and feeling.We all get angry here, so you sure know what I mean. I personally, despised the word and the emotional perception that it brings me. Once, I hated a classmate so much that in front of a class recitation I talked about it and how I was so angry about him that it seems all my resentments in the world were from him. Today, as I looked back, I am so embarrassed and displeased of myself on getting that far just because I was annoyed and angry. Now, I greatly believed that one should not ever speak when he is angry (and also in that case hungry), for all the words that would come out of his mouth would be pure twaddle and absurdity. Very nonsensical. I have ponder then, that our emotions and feelings, are perpetrators of betrayal. Of course, on the top of the list comes Anger, Ire, Wrath, whatever names you call it.

It is actually so fateful that today’s prompt seems to be so teasing, considering this is my first. “I do not like to be angry”, I always tell my sister that. The displeasure, the soreness inside when I get angry is something I’ve been so hateful about. Maybe because, I know that this is not a sword one should play with. When I get angry, let me tell you, I lose control and I let loose my mouth, I start to shout and go overboard with my words, they become sharper and more painful and I cannot comprehend what is right and what is wrong, and most especially I do not choose to whom and I do not choose to stop.

Well, eventually, what do you expect to happen when you lost your mind? It is really hard and yes it will always be hard to learn more on how to make things work before you can even get angry. Personally, I am still working on it, still getting familiar with the process. But then, little by little I have learned to know and avoid my triggers. That eventually helped me to take control of the driver’s seat before anything else could.

If you are wondering how, this is the only thing I can say, be conscious. Know and accept that some things really make you angry. Observe yourself when you are on the verge of blowing up and this, I say, is the hardest. But if you cannot, then let us do it backwards. Think again of what had happened, reflect on it until you realized what had pushed your buttons and what defense mechanisms you did when this happened. Get to know your triggers, as I said. Of course, remember this is something that you only do on those first stages of getting to know your Wrath and yourself all through the way. When you get to know you better, then you don’t need to start at the end, now you can finally start before hand. That of course becomes possible because you know yourself better, you know what triggers you and you know how you are gonna react about it, so when you do, you take a deep breath and revert yourself away from the cause. You just don’t let your Anger brings you to the red zone again. Of course, again, this is guaranteed to be hard at first, but will be worth it when you get to master your self-control.

That is why, this I say: Do not let emotions get along the way first, don’t let anger or anything of such sort to take over, because at the end it is not going to be worth it. You will end up being the loser. Believe me that with anger as a the enemy, no one comes out a victor. So free yourself up with the Ire, instead let yourself ooze with “positivism” and always try to look at the other corners of life. Forgive, but then if it is hard and it is another story, then try to forget those you anger because it is not them that is being flooded by hot and bad blood, it is you. They live their life the way it is while you boil on your own Wrath.

Don’t be a victim.





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