A Thought Before You Find P and Why You Should Not Stress About It.

Remember those days when the trend were dirty shirts and dirty skirts, when the hottest games are catch and run and hide and seek, when messy hair is because you don’t care, when mud and stains are displays of fun without pain. Then, remember when we all walk away from youth and innocence until the day we realize that the glory days of youth are gone. How far did we get, is it farther than the fields and roads in those young days that we had run? Is it longer and wider? Busier than the streets on the way to the town? Probably it is. Probably. But then, how far was simplicity diverted away from us? Is it not a part of the package of maturity? Do we intend to forget it as we age and grow? Maybe. Yes, maybe. We wish more, want more and need more, of course.

Is this possibly the reason why some of us are still in search of reason? Of purpose? We had simply lost the simplicity of the mind, of lifestyle, that all the simplicity we know is the simplicity to leave beyond what we believe we no more need. This is simply the reason why we cannot find our purpose, and why we continue to search on the wilderness. Because we forgot that our purpose is already here and it is what we are and what we do everyday. Yes, there must be a greater purpose, but we should not keep on seeking that, we should do instead the purpose of today, our purpose of today. And, sometimes that purpose is simply waking up and doing your routine. Sometimes, it is simply annoying your sibling or simply texting a friend in despair. Sometimes and probably most of the time, we think we are only up for something small. But, everybody listen up, do not forget your addition. How much good do you get when you add all those little act of kindness, care, love and even silliness together? Even if you subtract those times that you screw up, you are still up for something big. Remember, we are already set up with the task we intend to do and to what we are for; no more finding. We simply just live and do the best we can to perform the task we are handed, to choose with our free will how we intend to make the best of it. Sometimes, we do badly but I believe, mostly, we do good. And the better we do what we need to do, the nearer we get to that greater purpose everyone is itching to find about. People, it is a process. A process that involves waiting and doing. We will get there if we act, we will simply get there. Probably, it is going to be a long journey, but we will get there. It is not something that hides that you need to seek, because God had already set up, planned a purpose for us. Everyday, everything that happens has a purpose and is a part of the purpose our life is for. And sometimes what comes with it is the fact that some of those purposes are things we can never understand or even figure out why. Maybe because, that purpose is not only for us, so we do not get it until we see that the real purpose actually is to affect the lives of others in a good and inspiring way. That is why, some of us are bestowed with a gift that is not like the others, sometimes more special and harder.

So the next time you try to find your purpose or even think you do not have one, drop the matter down. Do not stress out too much. It’s not that you should care less about it, because it is nice that you are interested and curious and obviously you want to take part. But what I am trying to say is, instead, try to ponder about how is life going for you, reflect, do it properly and realize that next time when you try to find P or even doubt if you have a P, you know God is laughing at you because, man, He is not letting you die in a battle swordless, c’mon! Sometimes, we get farther from what it really is even before we had taken a step just because we keep on over thinking about a matter. Just remember that you have a purpose and you are to live for that purpose. Be purpose driven, instead. Not to find it because it is not hiding, but to make way for it to make it happen.




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