So, I was a shark in my past life?

Hey, hey, there readers! So, I went browsing the internet tonight and I actually stumbled on several sites that offers oh-so-many-fun quizzes to take! I actually thought I want to share some of it with you guys. (Because, we share here in SOMERBERRY!) So, if you want to check it out and have some extra time, stir your brains on whether to choose this or that and have a little good time yourself then try some of this personality quizzes!

I had chose three of my personal faves:


I got the Counselor as my personality, then the Introvert and I am supposedly a shark in my past life! Woah!

So, how do you find it? Does it hit you right? Or at least ring some bells for you? Maybe? Do you like quizzes in this sort too? Care to share?




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