The Sky as a Canvas and its endless Possibilities

Today’s prompt is really interesting and very vast. As vast and wide as the real thing itself! Does somebody even know where the sky starts? And/or where it ends? Could we possibly be looking at one same sky even at different ends of the world? Maybe, yes or most probably not. What if we could possibly live in the sky? Like set foot and build houses on clouds and even make a pool in a pile of clouds? And then, basically we will call it a sky-pool. Do you just think of many possibilities the sky made us think and could possibly hold? C’mon!

Like, isn’t the sky a possible epitome of dreams? Its wideness and beauty our dreams also possess, even if sometimes it seems surreal and far. But then despite that, we still know that it is there even if it seems out of reach and blurry and at the end of the day, we still believe that it is real.

On the other hand, the sky is also a canvas. One big canvas. Such a big one that it displays hundreds and possibly, thousands of art at one time. Do you think too that the sky is a wide canvas the Lord has made to especially caster his amazing sky works? To let us know that Picasso or Michelangelo or Gogh or da Vinci is of nowhere compared to his being artist? Of course, that is just purely unarguable. (That’s rhetorical too, just in case you think otherwise..)

Alright, here are some and you be the judge.

Here’s one common example; a strange face. (Photo from Richard Carlson.)

Then here’s another one on a normal like usual day. (Credit: Sanja Krupic)

Brown Cottage Under Aurora(Stefan Stefancik)

And this one,

snow, landscape, nature(Source)

And this..

nature, sunny, people(Source)

And these, still amaze-balls in whatever face and form.

Body of Water during Dawn(Source2)

Yes, right? Hoped that gave you life too and some reason to thank Somebody above for the Sky, its wonderful works and everything else here below!




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