iList40: Creative Things to Do

Hi berries! Have you ever experienced wanting to do something like drawing, painting, crafting or writing, etc. and you just do not have any ideas to start things  off? Especially when times are just so boring and you are dying to create and have fun? Well, that has happened to me a lot of times already! I hate the feeling of having some sort of blocking between me and my creative juices, so, I told myself I got to make a way!

So, I present to you, ladies and gents, the golden list! Here’s a list of things that could help you kick of that road block! (You would never know how handy this would become until you take it!)

  • Draw your fave essentials. Just like what I did here.


  • Draw your favorite pair of shoes.
  • Draw you room.
  • Paint your fave flower.
  • Draw a scene from your dream the last time.
  • Write down your favorite quotes and talk something about it.

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives ma all the world, and exiles me from it.” -Ursula K. Le Guin

  • Create a conspiracy theory.
  • Create your own dictionary of difficult words.  Have the word “gegenschein” to spark up your interest.

a faint, elliptical patch of light in thenight sky that appears opposite the sun, beinga reflection of sunlight by meteoric material inspace.” –The Dictionary

  • Create a graphic printed wall art! Make your own or you can have free ones from the internet and then frame it!
  • When you are having a writer’s block, you might want to start things off by writing random essays. Maybe you might want to write something about the things you regret or don’t regret doing in your life.
  • Do calligraphy writing! Find a nice quote and let the hand do the work!
  • Make friendship bracelets for your friends! Surprise them on a normal day!
  • Play with popsicle sticks! You can create bracelets, bookmarks, and even a fan out of it!
  • Make over your room! Or create cute DIY room decors! Like a garland of your instagram pictures!
  • Design your own pillow! You can buy a plain canvas-covered pillow and paint it yourself!
  • Cover your light switches at home with cute washi tapes!
  • Play with clay and create charms! Donuts, macaroons, a puppy, think and create!
  • Redecorate your blog page.
  • Write a short story about two people living in a boat house, or, seriously just anything random. You can go outside, sit on your yard, go to the park and observe people. Then, write a story about them.
  • Make your own planner or your list book!
  • Sew a simple pouch out of scrap fabrics you can see at home!
  • Design and make your own keychain!
  •  Arrange a small donut and smoothie party for your friends or kids! You can even let them decorate their own donuts and help them make their own smoothie! Just prepare at least three fruits to choose from for the smoothie and just prepare frostings, sprinkles and M&Ms as a start up kit for the donuts! Great for weekends and summer (if it’s summer out there).
  • Invent your own recipe! (Well, at least I hope I could, I can’t cook. Yes, shame on me.)
  • Try to paint your nails in different patterns! Go crazy, lady!
  • Collect pictures from pinterest, tumblr or weheartit, etc. and make a book out of them. You can even print out your fave DIY ideas and how to make them then compile into a book!
  • Make a body scrub out of ingredients you have at home! Here’s a recipe to start with:



Honey, Lemon and Sugar Scrub

2 cups of raw sugar

2-3 Tablespoons of Honey

1-2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil

Juice extract from one lemon


  • Design and draw your own furniture and maybe even DIY them!
  • Write a song about your love for art.
  • Think of your own quote or saying.
  • Write down reasons why someone should date you or should not date you. Or write down “What ifs”.
  • Sketch down your own clothing design.
  •  If you haven’t tried yet, then, design and make your own phone case! Buy a plain one or even recycle your old one then decorate it! You can use studs, beads, and do you know? Even cute erasers as embellishments!
  •  If you have a doll, then sew up new dresses for them!
  • Make mini things, like a mini kitchen set out of clays!
  • Make your own lettering! Be unique.
  • Do your own fashion pictorial and make your own personal magazine out of your pictures! (Model yourself on those pictures!)
  • Make a bucket list!
  • Make a mini botany garden.
  • If you still don’t agree with the list above then maybe, all you need is rest to revive those juices again, don’t force it!

But sure, the ideas are endless! Those are just 40 of the things that you can do to satisfy your artsy cravings. Remember, there are no rules in art!




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