Mountain Tales and Stories

Hey, hey berries! Climbing a mountain is really something I want to  do before I die. It’s a part of my never ending bucket list. However, it is something I do not have the guts to do yet, today or even probs a year after today! So, right at the moment, I would only content myself on dreaming.

Anyways, I went more curious about are prompt for today that I decided to read more. I have crossed several mountain adventure, tales and stories that some, I think, had spiced up my interest even more! And, my curiosity just could not resist it! So here are some of them that I also could not resist to share with you guys! (Cause here in SomerBerry, we share!)


Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in Earth. It is located in the Mahalangur mountain range in Nepal and Tibet. Its peak is 8,848 metres above sea level. Do you know that it is also known as Sagarmāthā in Nepal?

           1. The Strange Case of Mr. Wilson

One of the strangest attempts to climb Mount Everest was by Maurice Wilson (1898-1934), an Englishman, who tried to climb Everest after flying to the mountain–despite knowing nothing about mountaineering or flying. He formed a plan to fly to Tibet and thought of crashing the plane on the mountain’s upper slope and from there climb to the summit. Later on, he then tried to learn flying a Gipsy Moth plane which he named Ever Wrest and went hiking on Britain for five weeks as practice. 

So, he flew to India and spent the winter in Darjeeling planning his expedition. And, with no climbing equipment, approached up the Rongbuk Glacier, getting lost and crossing difficult terrain. On May 31, his last diary entry read: “Off again, gorgeous day.” Later on around 1935 his body was found in snow, surrounded by his blown-apart tent.

It was, however, not yet the big twist to the story. It presumably appears he was a cross-dresser who had worked in a ladies dress shop in New Zealand. He was supposedly found wearing women’s underwear and had women’s clothes in his pack. A 1960 Chinese expedition added fuel to the story by finding a woman’s dress shoe at 21,000 feet. It seems Mr. Wilson wasn’t dressed properly for conditions, after all.

(Source: About Sports)

Mount Fuji is a famous volcano in Japan. Many simply adores it by its beauty. Plus, it is just more than a volcano for it is also a very significant part of the Japanese culture. Do you know that the word “Fuji” is literally translated as “a wealthy person with status” and means immortality in the oldest recorded  Japanese story?

        2. The suicide forest of Japan

The Aokigahara Forest is presumably one of the loneliest places on Earth to die. Being “the black sea of treas” at the foot of Japan’s Mount Fuji, it is too easy to get lost inside and most presumably never be found again. Each year the Japanese authorities remove as many as 100 bodies found hanging in the forest’s trees as Aokigahara is considered as the country’s suicide hotspot – but others, sometimes unfortunately, can lie undiscovered for years due to the forest’s denseness.

Exactly why so many choose to end their lives in the forest remains something of a mystery, though it has been suggested that the first among them were inspired by a novel entitled as Kuroi Jukai by Seichō Matsumoto, set there. The novel is about two lovers who was said to end their lives inside the forest. Some has studied and tended to the forest for more than 30 years. Even them cannot make sense of the trend.

(Source: DailyMail UK)


Mount Lykaion is a mountain located in Arcadia, Greece. Lykaion has two peaks: Stefani to the north and St. Ilias to the south where the altar of Zeus is located. Do you know that the northern peak is higher than the southern peak, the former being  1,421 m and the latter only at 1,382 m. ?

        3. Werewolf Legend

Mount Lykaion is the location of one of the earliest werewolf legends. It was said that there is a town named Lykosura below the mountain where King Lykaon, the mythical founder of both the ancient cult of Zeus Lykaios, reigned. Lykosura was supposed to be the location of the Lykaian Games, the oldest of their kind.

Lykaon had many sons summed up to 50 which all of whom later died. Lykaon has only one daughter and as told in ancient legend, was raped and impregnated by Zeus when she was on a hunting expedition. Lykaon was so angered that he killed her grandson and served him to Zeus while the god was visiting for dinner. In turn, Zeus became so furious that he killed all of the king’s sons and transformed Lykaon into a wolf.

That is then the start of a werewolf superstition. Their cult was said to participate in an annual sacrifice where the meat was supposed to contain human flesh. Every year, one man who ate the tainted meat was turned into a wolf. He would remain in that form for nine years which after then he would come back as man but will transform again to being a wolf when he  consumes the flesh of a man again, but this time forever. 


Well, of course! Those are just three of those interesting tales and stories of three of the famous mountains here on Earth! Interested and curious too, right? What do you think?


SomerBerry (Mountain)


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