Close, too, darling.

Not knowing yourself always leads you away farther from what you really want and where you should be. Not knowing, mostly, leads to wrong places. Here’s a poem before you decide to open yourself to others without knowing “Who is me?” first.



“How many times have we mistakenly open up ourselves to the wrong people?

Trust and at the end topple.

So quick to indulge,

That streams become from the eyes and bulge.

How many times have we spill more than we should?

Receive less but give more than we could.

How many times have we succumb to uncertainty?

When all inside is a certain surreality.

Have you as well lost count?

All this time it was the wrong horse you had mount.

Close, too, darling,

Weed out and strain that inside you’d finally know and find the sterling.

The way is to learn “me” before “you” and make the rest go light,

To don’t  will always be left even when you wanted it right.

Realize that toxic and toxic will always be toxic.

Close, then finally open when knowing thy self is no longer a mimic.

Know what you are and love the art,

Work on the painting, don’t mind the dart.

“We must be our own before another’s.”

Until once more we open, life and love becomes better and the less we shudder.”





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