Narcissistic Belief of Perfection

Perfection actually seemed to be a very distant word to me. It actually sounded so surreal just like how it really is. Something I believe that’s basically just an idea of something, in most ways truly, we would not completely achieve and feel what and how. (I believe it’s hard to grasp perfection in real life.) But, something and somehow, we like to render and feel in tidbits such as describing something that’s just too good to feel and express with the word ‘great’, rather, it was something like “perfection” to us. Something we feel as if in the highest form of complete excellence, quality or trait of a moment, a life, or basically of something even little such as cuddling on a rainy day, or of someone; entirely without flaws which, most likely, totally not. That’s eventually just ideal in almost always. Same idea that sometimes becomes a halo in the mirror that covers humbleness and reality and influences the way some people think too much this way of their selves to the point of unpleasantness and vanity. In the way, they feel less of others.

I like to call it the narcissistic belief of perfection, which I actually have just thought myself, by the way, to describe something like a,



Egoistic envision of the

Reality of one’s self , that leads

Far away from the

Earnest and humble living of the


Truth that,

If there could be someone in the rightful place

Of the description of perfection, there’s undoubtedly

No other intricate and capable of the greatest precision of the word ‘perfect’ than the One above.


Let’s just take our right doses. Imperfection is beautiful, too.



3 thoughts on “Narcissistic Belief of Perfection

  1. David Beddow says:

    Beautiful words. I believe in this life perfection is a path, a journey, rather than a destination. It takes true mastery to see the beauty in the imperfect around us, but as you say, that imperfection is where beauty truly is.

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