An Island Soul

Hello there everyone! Today’s word prompt is literally close to my heart. I had been nurtured and been growing up in the island for almost 19 years now! And I say to you, there is nothing compared to the slow paced, quiet and calm life in the Island. Not even my favorite, beautiful city lights dancing like fireflies in the night as I pass by the bridge or as I walk down the stairs in my campus building overlooking it. Nothing compare and nothing I will trade it for.

2015-05-06 10.30.52_edited.jpg

I remember the very first time I went to the city riding a public transportation, smelling and feeling the harsh scent of the air inside my nose. It’s different and I know it’s toxic. I was never used to that until now, not even after three years of getting back and forth from that place. I remember how I’m so much relieved everytime I can smell the salty sea air, the calming afternoon and night breeze as I finally cross the bridge and reach my refuge after a long torturing ride from a gas scented place. Yes, the city is a good place for other reasons, but, if you ask me if I had ever thought and wish to live there for good, my answer is a frank, strong “no” to you.


I could not even think why would I ever do that? Exchanging the atmosphere I had been breathing my whole life, exchanging the nature I have seen and lived with my whole life, I just cannot. The island life might be scarce sometimes, but there is so much you can get more than just the things that you need and want. There is peace, there is nature, there is night and there is day, there is sunrise and sunset, there is time, there is simpleness, there is life. All that, the island life will make you feel and savor, all that you’d learn to appreciate and remember. All that in your hands, all the beautiful of life right there, everywhere, plenty and good for the soul.





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