Flood Friday

“Again the people feels,

Again it starts and it’s real

The breeze cold,

the sky dark and old

Noise and rush,

Dots of rain drops and gush

Thunders that echo the sky that lights,

In a night that came early and might

Voices sinking low,

As feet rush and hands row

Step and hide,

Away from the furious touch of the night that long abide

From the hail of the rain that fell,

From the touch of cold Burn¬†of the hole in heaven’s well

Avoid the harsh night,

Avoid the dreading sight

The flood,

the mud,

The curse of the rain

In the city of no escape and in pain.”



(For last Friday’s despair in the city of Cebu. Got stranded for 3 hours in almost no hopes of a ride. Sigh.)



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