11:53 A.M.

I have always love a good fruit shake, of course. I liked mango the most. Therefore, expect me to be bias about this. It’s something I had always found to taste amazing whether what form it takes. Now, there was this shake stall I fancy the most in my university canteen. It says “Buko Republic” but it sells more than coconut shake, which I thank the heavens, for they also sell one of the yummiest mango shake I had ever tasted in my whole schooling days and the upcoming days to come! I think it’s something about the not too much shaved ice and the right amount of milk and coconut juice, and the oh, so sweet mango of course! I swear, I am willing to pay the extra penny for such a sweet reward!

Well, that’s what I thought, until one day, this new school year, came a new sales lady for the stall. And guess what, to keep things short, gone is my favorite mango shake here in the campus. The flavor, the taste, and consistency faded away like how the old, Expert attendant had been gone, away with the yummiest shake recipe inside the university. Gone, and that, my friend, is the end of my shake days. “The end of the sweet, yummy days in school.”

12:00 A.M.


Don’t you think the mango story resembles something about how school is going? ‘Cause it is surely relatable-y sad and tough for me. My roads are just rocky, gone is the sweet days of crayons and coloring books. Just so gone in college! Sigh, 23 days of empty blog. Pardon.


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