PONDER today

PONDER today:

“Remember, you and you alone are responsible for maintaining your energy. Give up blaming, complaining and excuse making, and keep taking action in the direction of your goals – however mundane or Lofty they may be.”

-Jack Canfield


Tell me what you think! (Sorry, for the empty blog this past few months guys!) Check out my other blog right here, berries (I decided to separate this blog mostly for daily prompts alone) I finally got my first blog post up talking ’bout my mini book haul from BOOKSALE!






11:53 A.M.

I have always love a good fruit shake, of course. I liked mango the most. Therefore, expect me to be bias about this. It’s something I had always found to taste amazing whether what form it takes. Now, there was this shake stall I fancy the most in my university canteen. It says “Buko Republic” but it sells more than coconut shake, which I thank the heavens, for they also sell one of the yummiest mango shake I had ever tasted in my whole schooling days and the upcoming days to come! I think it’s something about the not too much shaved ice and the right amount of milk and coconut juice, and the oh, so sweet mango of course! I swear, I am willing to pay the extra penny for such a sweet reward!

Well, that’s what I thought, until one day, this new school year, came a new sales lady for the stall. And guess what, to keep things short, gone is my favorite mango shake here in the campus. The flavor, the taste, and consistency faded away like how the old, Expert attendant had been gone, away with the yummiest shake recipe inside the university. Gone, and that, my friend, is the end of my shake days. “The end of the sweet, yummy days in school.”

12:00 A.M.


Don’t you think the mango story resembles something about how school is going? ‘Cause it is surely relatable-y sad and tough for me. My roads are just rocky, gone is the sweet days of crayons and coloring books. Just so gone in college! Sigh, 23 days of empty blog. Pardon.


How with words that are rust?

Thoughts trapped and was long dried up fast

Did I meant what I said?

Did I tell I am fed?


Dear, dear, but with a tongue I use to make,

Yet, today, I never knew, I never did, I speak to break

How do you heal a heart that bled?

Dripping with words harsh, heavy and red


For I cannot fathom a way to say a thought that pains, buried in depths, long hidden,

How do you soften and polish thoughts that are too rusty themselves with words 

that sure will hurt yet sweet as a maiden?

How do you take back syllables,

How do you un-pronounce, un-speak, undo the troubles?


“You told me you wish I was your friend”: To the friend (Person) you finally need to break loose

The pen in my hand feels hard and tightly gripped. I’ve been thinking so hard hopefully I could put into words the thoughts that had caused me misery every morning I wake up, every night before I fall to sleep these past few days. And today once more, I sit here, in the farthest part of the room, still hoping I can finally decode the chaos of my mind. But every single day as I sit here, I am blank. I’ve been thinking how I’ve been feeling so deeply but my words fail so much on telling. It’s cracked and empty. No right words to lay my thoughts.

Nothing so far is good than just the title, “You told  me you wish I was your friend”, well that was before everything. On the stage where Praises are exchanged and knots are tried to build a relationship. Then, you told me you wish you met me earlier. But, I had never wish anything about you before. But, I just wish right now that we we’re going to end this okay. I wish and sometimes I wish, I did not meet you ever. You bring noise and chaos to my world and no, sparks don’t fly between us. I think what’s going to happen is finally the best and the only best thing that had happened ever since I met you. There’s nothing really “best” that had happened. I think, we’re sending mix signals and it’s finally the right time to end it. I just know that my kind  is the opposite of yours and sometimes not all opposites attract. And though I knew, I tried anyway. That until now I cannot comprehend as to why. It might be me or it might be you, but in all those days we had spent, “toxic” is the word we always leave on the path. We repel and we poison. An obvious sign that you and me will never match.

Today, when we met by the diner, you said “Hi” and I said so. I know when I finally told you “Bye, I’ll go on,” I meant that. But I thank you anyway, for making me realize maybe something about people and something about myself too. But we between my name and yours does not spell.







14 days after, I’m sorry. Things are just rough. XOXO, SomerBerry

University Classroom


Once again, I came just right in time before much of the class even appears. I confined myself to the farthest but frontest part of the classroom by the window. I want to be away from the noisy crickets talking and laughing nonsense, non stop. But I want to spare myself the feeling of being detached from the class discussion so I picked a sit in front of everyone else. At least I am far but not too away, if that even made some sense. And, I like the view outside. It’s the blending scene of mountains, the sky and the scrapers. It’s enchanting on a different way. How magical it is as the clouds Slowly move by the wind. It’s medicating and it gives the feel of companion. Just right there, staring at you, feeling you, talking to you in words never have been spoken, in a language only a lonely heart understands.


A Billion and You

“Let them judge anyway.

Let them tell you you cannot make it,

Let them tell you you don’t know it.

Let them say one day you’re forgotten history,

This, one day they’ll be sorry.

Let them line, dine and whine,

It’s okay, It’s fine.

Say not, because true in this world packed of eyes that judge and mouths that moo,

Less you see of a face dear and true.

Just let your mind and ears open,

Let their words dull, down, out, slopin’.

Never grieve ’cause of their degrading souls,

Never in their level you’ll brawl.

Don’t fret,

This is a test, a test, a test.

Pass, whether it’s a billion against you,

Whether its you against a billion foe.”

University Library

11:02 AM

“I went inside the library today, again for the nth time since I started the school year almost a month ago now. The odd coldness only most of my half body can feel , waist down, had greeted me so coldly today as, once again, I become a refugee from loneliness inside this place. It is the rainy season and the library, normally just enough cold as it is, made my legs colder sending goosebumps all over more than usual. My body hair awkwardly stands as I continue to get deep inside the place and I find myself desperately finding a warm spot. How odder was it when I proceeded to choose a seat and I saw the guy across me fanning himself like he had, all along, absorbed the heat in the world; that is why, I thought, making the library unusually cold.

Though I picked an almost empty table,  I still felt uncomfortable because usually I would sit on the row on the other side, unfortunately, it was fully occupied sending me here. It made me think that the weather and even the tables here in the library had shared and felt my feelings of sorrow. I am frustrated and sad, mad even. I felt bad about myself that it makes me so furious how my ink and pen decides not to feel good too. It made my writings sloppier and uglier than ever! Plus, it adds up to my ever growing insecurities these days, “Why can’t I even simply write in a more comprehensible hand writing?”. Damn it. I swear, I can tear up the paper I am writing right now. How I feel so insecure, inferior and lonely. How my good, old friends and my family does not even bother a bit about me having no one but myself to spend the day. In the school and the streets all alone. I am completely lost. And though I love the solitude it gives me, the time to think and reflect, the emptiness and longing of companion darkens my heart so much. I have been weed out as I was weeding out. I do not belong and it Drive me crazy thinking what could be wrong. I realized, really no man is an island, and a lion weakens too (but sometimes no one but you can notice). I cannot even remember where to start a conversation right! And everytime somebody talks to me, I find myself staring at their faces longer and intensely, trying to grasp that finally someone wants to talk to me! The feeling is strange and mysterious. Like you were once buried on a deep pit and just today someone realizes you were gone, finds you, and finally dig you up. But it was not some sort of permanent salvation after all, later they’d realize they don’t want you and they have nothing to do with your summoning anymore. And once again, I settle on vain wishes and imaginations. I settled on the corner though I hate feeling too inferior and robbed of joy a true friend can bring. I thought, maybe, in all these days I had felt misery, in all these times I was alone without someone to run to in arms length, unfortunately, I say I had felt loneliness. I think in all these times I was alone fighting loneliness, dejection and  oddness far away from home, far from the comfort of your people, this is how the heavens wants to open my eyes, to Drive me, deciding to strip me down to the instinct of only one thing and that, my friend, is survival in a world of familiar but far and unknown people.”

11:30 AM

Dark Hearts Love, too

“For dark hearts that live on dark souls

Are hearts that love, too, and mend as wild as it rolls

Beatings that thump on Darkness,

Deep regard that flourished on sadness

With broken souls that love like how bottle drops and broke,

Along the way the pieces might be harsh with a scrape, a poke

But for a heart like that, broken is whole with all the cracks,

A heart all taped and tacks.

Though it’s hard to strive, to fix and feel in souls driven by ill and aches,

Even in hurt and in sorrow they, too, love with love as deep as it takes.”


The Street Style

Hello, hello berries, I actually thought of school today (I had a headache) and how lucky I am (just a little bit) to avoid the pollution in the city for a day. I thought I wanted to channel some of my energy for a post, instead. At the same time, I felt bad about some of the foods I was not able to eat today in school, like how normally I picked them up for snacks time. So, forget the “my-fave-fancy-resto-is” and let us explore the ragged, street-food world of the city in-budget style! Here’s my top seven of the most famous street foods student’s (and people) in the Phil usually eat! Roll the list!


No, it’s not only in the Philippines. But, it’s so famous all over the country that, for sure, everywhere and anywhere you go, there will always be a barbecue stall! Stalls usually named like AA BBQ or Mama Linda’s BBQ, whatsoever, usually what makes it more Filipino. These stalls are usually found on busy streets just by the road. Especially on university belts, across a school and down towns! There will always be those sticks lying around! From grilled chicken intestines, feet, head, skin and blood and to more decent choices like pork meat, hotdogs and fishes! Just thinking about it makes me salivate. I’m a fanatic of barbecues to be honest! Caution though, don’t eat too much coal!



2. Tempura, Fish Ball, Squid Roll, Kwek-Kwek and Ngohiong

Where will I even start of telling you guys how many of the student population here in the Phil loves these street foods so much? I think there’s always ngohiong house and tempura vendors everywhere! In case, you guys don’t know what ngohiong is, I am not really the person you should ask. Ngohiong is my least favorite among all and I usually don’t pick them. But they look like long lumpia, just lumpia wrappers with fillings inside it which for some amazing reasons actually tastes different than lumpia! I think I’m actually misleading you guys for such a lame description, so feel free to correct me if ever! Haha. Anyways, except from ngohiongs, there’s also a huge love of street tempura, fish ball and squid rolls in the country! Plus those colorful kwek-kwek which is actually just quail’s egg wrapped in flour with food coloring and then fried which amazingly again tastes good especially with sweet and hot sauce. One of my personal faves too!



Fish ball, Tempura and Kwek-Kwek




3. Siomai

Siomai, together with tempuras and others, is actually very in for those student’s in tight budget. There are those siomai carts that always stops by my school everyday. And believe it or not, whether it’s 3 meters away from the highway or literally by the end of the sidewalk, students are always in line for it! That’s how I ♥ Siomai totally rocked it!


4. Fried Chicken and Pork Chop with Puso (Hanging rise)!

Alright, don’t compare this to McDonald’s or whatever, because there is nothing compare to chicken and pork chops cooked and eaten on the street! I know, you might be stopping right here, realizing I’m gross but that’s just how it is! This is not for the weak of heart andstomach, so don’t. It seems like all the street has to offer actually contributes a lot to how many people love eating these foods. It’s like there’s something special eating along the road, something the street adds to the wonderful tastes of these fried delis. Ok, whatever the street actually adds but who does not love food for a cheap price, anyway? Get dirty sometimes! Just kidding!




5. Banana Cue and Hot Cakes

Ok, so there is no question about this. Hot cakes are just street pan cakes that are so damn yellow. And, we all love bananas, probably. And we love it even more if its fried and coated with caramelized sugar. Just in case you haven’t tried it yet, here’s the recipe:

  • 1 large bunch (yellow) bananas (15-20)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • oil for frying
  1. Heat the oil over medium low heat. Add the brown sugar and wait until the sugar starts to caramelize.
  2. Place the bananas in the oil and fry them with the brown sugar so until they are covered with the sticky brown sugar and a deep golden color.
  3. Drain on paper towels and serve on individual skewers.



Hot cake


6. Taho (warm tofu plus a sugary sweet syrup)

This is literally one of my fave morning, afternoon and evening treat. Whether its a cold or hot weather, for me taho does not go out of style. Just delicious and healthy, too! I can’t even explain it, I just love it so much.


7. Buko juice (Coconut Milk)

Who does not love a cheap, tasty thirst quencher after all? The water of coconut plus sweet milk is just one of the best invented juice drink ever! No wonder the everyone in the country whether Filipino or foreign loves it. In fact it’s close to us because we grow lots of coconut trees here in the Philippines, being a tropical country!


So, there’s so much fun everywhere with food right? Whether its from a resto or simply just from street stalls. Exercise your Autonomy as an individual by eating something new, something different and having fun with food and experiences!




An Island Soul

Hello there everyone! Today’s word prompt is literally close to my heart. I had been nurtured and been growing up in the island for almost 19 years now! And I say to you, there is nothing compared to the slow paced, quiet and calm life in the Island. Not even my favorite, beautiful city lights dancing like fireflies in the night as I pass by the bridge or as I walk down the stairs in my campus building overlooking it. Nothing compare and nothing I will trade it for.

2015-05-06 10.30.52_edited.jpg

I remember the very first time I went to the city riding a public transportation, smelling and feeling the harsh scent of the air inside my nose. It’s different and I know it’s toxic. I was never used to that until now, not even after three years of getting back and forth from that place. I remember how I’m so much relieved everytime I can smell the salty sea air, the calming afternoon and night breeze as I finally cross the bridge and reach my refuge after a long torturing ride from a gas scented place. Yes, the city is a good place for other reasons, but, if you ask me if I had ever thought and wish to live there for good, my answer is a frank, strong “no” to you.


I could not even think why would I ever do that? Exchanging the atmosphere I had been breathing my whole life, exchanging the nature I have seen and lived with my whole life, I just cannot. The island life might be scarce sometimes, but there is so much you can get more than just the things that you need and want. There is peace, there is nature, there is night and there is day, there is sunrise and sunset, there is time, there is simpleness, there is life. All that, the island life will make you feel and savor, all that you’d learn to appreciate and remember. All that in your hands, all the beautiful of life right there, everywhere, plenty and good for the soul.